Saturday, August 4, 2007


Upon arrival in Boise, we were quickly informed the name of the city is pronounced “Boy-see,” not “Boy-zee.” An important correction, but not the easiest word to use in normal conversation. Regardless, we found a pretty reasonable Hampton Inn downtown to stay in while we checked out the city for the night.

All the buildings in Boise looked brand new, probably largely due to the influx of money from the athletics teams at Boise State. Easily walkable, tons of people riding bikes around the downtown, and with block after block of unique shops & restaurants, we were big fans of Boise. We had dinner at a little Italian restaurant, and did a bit of bar hopping around the downtown. Everyone we talked to was super nice, and seemed to love it there. All in all, good times in Boise.

Today we have a 9-hour drive ahead of us to a small town outside of Glacier Nat’l Park called Whitefish, just north of Kalispell. We’re going to spend the night there tonight, and then head into the park early tomorrow morning to find a campground for the next few nights.

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Anonymous said...

We're Reading every blog. Better keep my daughter safe or the GRiz will be the least of your worries.
You're doing a great job on the story line. Sounds like great fun and the pics are wonderful, 'cept I think Sheila & I will stay with hotels and maybe safe campground. Miss U both.