Thursday, July 26, 2007

We are spending the week in Fenwick, not much to report other than good weather and good times and good crabs for dinner.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jackson, WY and flight home

Last Thursday we drove South through the Teton National Park and checked out Jackson WY. Jackson is a cool little town with a lot of history. Mostly a ski town supporting the nearby slopes, but in the summer it is an interesting clash between rich ranch owner types who drive their Hummers to town to buy 1000 dollar cowboy boots and Indian American novelties to give the “great room” a southwest feel vs. and the standard gaggle of Joe touristas making their way to Yellowstone. We had some great pizza at Mile High Pizza Pie, very similar to Luigi’s at JMU in terms of music and employee intoxication levels, but better pie and better service.

We packed up the car and left it at Jackson Hole Airport, hopefully it will still be there when we get back otherwise our trip might get a lot more interesting with no car and no gear. We left on an early flight to Atlanta, which went smoothly, but then a massive thunderstorm sealed our fate for Friday and canceled our connection to Washington. Rather than spend the night jumping from stand-by to stand-by (our first attempt we were number 36 and 37 for seats) we decided to get a hotel room, eat some food and watch a movie in the room.

We flew out first thing Saturday morning and headed home. All is well at home, except our grass is practically dead… it needs to rain in Virginia. We headed out for a quick stop at my parents place and then on to Fenwick Island for a family vacation at the beach this week. We’ll be flying back to Jackson next Sunday.