Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back to business, part deux

The travel saga continued on Monday night. After our canceled flight on Sunday, we picked up another flight to Jackson via Salt Lake City. We made it to Salt Lake fine, but then the connection to Jackson Hole was cancelled because of maintenance or no plane, or no crew, or no fuel, or who knows… take your pick. Delta has emerged from bankruptcy, but unfortunately they did it at the cost of customer service and now our future business, the entire flight roundtrip was a disaster starting with our flight home Jackson a week earlier. All the hotels with 30 miles of the airport were booked so we got some miniscule vouchers, no cab money and were on our own to find a place to stay. We stayed at the Hampton Inn about 30 miles from the airport, nice actually. We got on a flight to Jackson the morning and were back on track. Surprisingly, our car and its contents were still there. We spent Tuesday afternoon getting resituated, stocking up on food, cooking fuel, and finding a campground for the next few days in Teton National Park.

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