Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to business

After a week hiatus, we are hopefully heading back to life out of our car today. We spent a week at the beach in Fenwick Island, DE with my mom & dad, and my sister's family. We lucked out with beautiful weather, which allowed for plenty of time on the beach, miniature golfing, people-watching at the Ocean City boardwalk, grilling and watching sunsets on the back porch, bonfires on the beach, and eating crabs & ice cream (not at the same time). We had an awesome time.

We got back to our house Saturday afternoon, and had hoped to fly out to Jackson, via Atlanta, Sunday afternoon. As is the case of DC Summer afternoons, and our luck with flights so far this trip, thunderstorms kept us from our destination. After a five hour search for our bags by the fine folks at Delta (we went home, had dinner, a bottle of wine & came back for them), we finally got them back around 10:30 pm, and headed back for another night at the house.

The plan is to fly out of DCA again today at 5:30, through Salt Lake City this time, and into Jackson this evening. Catch is, there is a 20 minute timeframe in which we have to get off the plane in Salt Lake, and onto the next one headed to Jackson, so even if we make it, our bags likely will not, and thunderstorms are once again predcited for this afternoon in DC. Perhaps it will be one more night at the house!

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