Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mountain Biking and City Living

So we made our way into Wisconsin, and to Kettle Moraine State Forest about 2 hours SE of Madison on Sunday. There were a few different campgrounds at the SF, each of which were pretty empty on Sunday night. We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon, hanging out at the beach at one of the lakes in the forest, and made our first fire Sunday night. After a few small animal scares throughout the night while in our tent, we got up early Monday and went mountain biking.

Apparently Kettle Moraine is home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the country. We spent the morning working our way through the Jon Muir trail system, even heading onto some of the "difficult" trails. It was a great time - check out the pictures. After that, we showered, took down the tent and packed up the car, at which point it started pouring rain. Thankfully it waited until we had everything in the car.

We took the scenic route into Madison, a very hip little college town, had some dinner at a Mexican restaurant (which also happened to have a Monday night half-price margarita special, although that did nothing to figure into our choice of dining location) and spent the night in a hotel! Very exciting.

Today it's on to Wisconsin dairyland (we've been in this state three days and haven't had any cheese yet!!), and then on to Minnesota to visit the Dwyers.


Christy said...

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I have been in 3 hours of meetings this morning. I am beyond jealous!! Have a great time, I will be stalking you regularly :) - CT

Tucker said...

Sara, find Garv some spandex shorts! LOL! Difficult trails are good times! Any crashes? Make sure you hit Moab for some of the slickrock trails...SWEET!!