Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brief thoughts on Wisconsin…

It was very green and quite bucolic on the west site of the state in the rolling hills but “America’s Dairyland”, yeah right… America’s corn land. Perhaps we were not in the right part of the state… we mostly saw corn and a just few cows (<100 total in three days)… if those few cows produce America’s dairy, they must be raw!

We searched and drove a lot of back roads looking for large dairy farms but never really found them. We stopped in a cheese farm/factory in St.Croix County Wisconsin hoping to find out more about how cheese was made, how the farms work and taste some samples, etc. Apparently they only make cheese on the weekends when the Sunday drivers are out… @#$%? Someone in Wisconsin needs to create a cheese trail like they have in Vermont that let’s people explore the fine art of artesian cheese making and/or the “cheese food product” found in Kraft Mac’n’Cheese.

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