Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Badlands – Western SD

We made it to our first “real” national park today, the Badlands. The weather has been relatively nice over the past few days, mostly in the mid to high 80’s, but it was HOT in the Badlands.

The landscape began to change as we got closer to the park, and the rock structures of the Badlands were a stark contrast to the miles and miles of open farmland we had spent the past day in.

We had planned on camping in the park that night, but as we drove through and took in the sights, while it was beautiful, we weren’t intrigued by any of the short hikes available in the park. So we did the RV tour, parked at the overlooks, took some pictures, marveled at how soft the stone seemed as we crawled out on some ledges to get a better view, and laughed at the people in the campground with no trees for shelter or shade in the 90-degree heat. After that, we continued our trip west for the night to Custer State Park

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