Monday, September 10, 2007

Los Angeles, Dylan King Style

On Saturday, we experienced the nice weather and beach lifestyle in the back of Dylan’s convertible as we drove down to another friend’s house from JMU in Huntington Beach (45 minutes south). We hung out at his place, watched some people break-dance on the boardwalk (they were learning and terrible), kite-boarders and general freaks of the beach for a while. We hit a good local watering hole for some college football and brews and burgers and finished out the night just catching up. We had a great time in LA with everyone, the beach lifestyle is awesome, the L.A. traffic surrounding it is not.

On Sunday we made the long drive to Phoenix to see Matt, Tara (Sara’s sister) and Avery. We stopped along the way in Joshua Tree National Park for lunch since it was right off Route 10. Joshua is a beautiful and quiet desert park, but hot and dry with little color in the summer. Today (Monday), Sara and I are baby sitting Avery, doing laundry, reorganizing the car a bit and enjoying some air-conditioning while the thermostat climbs outside.

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