Monday, September 3, 2007

Addendum to Tahoe

We spent two days there and stayed at a campsite right on the Lake hence the nice lake pictures. Tahoe is great… it has it all. Boating, winter sports, summer sports… does anyone know someone who can get us jobs in Tahoe? Our campground was interesting not only because of the water view, but because of the apparent bear sighting during our first night. We thought we had cleared deep bear country but the Sierras are home to some of the smartest black bears who love campgrounds and know how stupid humans can be. We didn’t see one, but some guy told us it was snooping by some garbage cans at houses not to far off from where we were snoozing.

The Flume mountain biking trail mentioned in the prior post was great. A very steep initial climb, not sure of the elevation change but it was large. The climb was worth it since it leveled out and rode flat along the ridge with some great views of the Lake. The terrain was very sandy and when combined with tight trails and blind turns on cliffs, it made for some excitement. We were also dodging some rain lines coming off the lake, one of which showed us what cold rain at 8000 feet felt like. We turned around at the end of the Flume and rode it back to the start rather than taking the shuttle so it ended up about 20 miles or so. We left Tahoe on Saturday and headed through Nevada (the Eastern half of the lake is actually in Nevada) down the back side of the Sierra range and back into California toward Yosemite.

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