Thursday, August 9, 2007

Since we seem to have broadband access all along Rt. 90 running through the middle of nowhere Washington State, we decided to catch up on randomness from the trip. Eastern Washington gets “middle of nowhere status” similar to South Dakota. We are passing through Grant County, the nations leading potato producing county. Did we mention that we didn’t see much in Idaho related to potatoes? Supposedly they are the spud state, but similar to how we believe dairy farms in Wisconsin are a fake, we believe potato farms in Idaho are a fake. Perhaps we don’t know what a potato plant looks like… Paul can you help us out?

Odd things from the road…

1. Children on leashes. What is going on here… we see this everywhere. If aliens came down and saw this it could cloud their views on our level of sophistication. America, teach your kids not to run out in the street. We saw a woman choke a kid back from the road yesterday similar to how you would choke a dog back from the edge of the curb.

2. Just an observation, not a final opinion here, but the few people who will engage in a conversation at a campground are the from East coast. We try to be friendly and smile and wave to others in an unimposing manner just to let them know we are not crazy people. Usually we don’t know where they are from and they don’t know where we are from since small talk occurs in the bathroom or at the water spigot, yet later on we will stroll about the campsite and find out that they are from the East coast (NY, NJ, PA). We thought East coast people were supposed to be jerks and West coaster were the nicer half of the population. We are not looking for conversations and are actually private people compared to most, but West coasters do not talk to us… perhaps we smell like the East coast? On a different topic, Canadians don’t make eye contact with us, it is the strangest thing.

3. Sara and I use our CamelBaks for hydration while riding on the trail or hiking. We often don’t use all the water so rather than pouring it out, we put the bladder behind the seat and run the hose to the front seat. We refer to this as “EXTREME DRIVING!”

4. When we come across a campground bathroom that has hand soap, this is exciting. Perhaps it is a pain to refill it, or people steal it… we are not sure. We have stayed in probably 20 campgrounds, 4 have had hand soap dispensers and all have been watered down significantly.

5. We sometimes spend a portion of our day strategizing where we will shower next and how much it will cost. There a tons of campgrounds out here not many have showers and if they do, they are pay-for-use.

6. It is acceptable to take a shower and put the same clothes back on as long as there are no large stains or obvious odors, small stains may be acceptable depending on severity and location. (new socks and undies each time though)


Anonymous said...

On comment #6 - I've gone 24-36 hrs. w/o a shower and I'm home in good old PA. Who am I?

Anonymous said...

I am getting a real education reading the 'BLOG' news. Keep up the interesting info. Maybe u 2 should get jobs as travel consultants, like those people u see on the Travel channel.

It has been a really interesting ride so far.


Anonymous said...

That's a good way to keep SAra quit.