Saturday, August 25, 2007

Redwoods National Park

We finally crossed the border out of Oregon, and made our way into California, arriving at Redwoods National Park in the early afternoon. Having been to a number of National Parks by this point, you can pretty much know what to expect when you arrive, a self-contained park, all in one place, a bunch of roads leading in, and some ranger stations here and there to offer advice. Redwoods is totally different. It was basically created by combining a number of state parks and reserves that were in various places around the area to prevent the total destruction of the amazing redwood trees, since the logging industry had already cut 90% of them down.

We found a nice park and campground, however, that was nearby one of the larger groves and went out for a drive and hike among the giants. These trees are absolutely massive – and apparently aren’t even close to the size of some of the sequoias. Their bark usually grows up to 12 inches thick, and the size of the trunk of some of the larger ones is just ridiculous. Sadly, there aren’t too many of the huge ones left, but we definitely found a few that were very impressive. While not the most beautiful park we will have visited on this trip, the sheer size of the Redwoods is definitely memorable in its own right.

Check out the pictures.

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